Center for Success unites literacy and community to empower students in the journey of education.

We expose the future to our future generation - through mentoring by a diverse set of committed individuals, and program partners that allow students to experience learning through hands on projects that relate to their lives and allow them to explore their interests.

We support learners on their journey by providing committed individuals to build trusting relationships.


The Center for Success Network was born out of a desire to make a difference in the next generation. From the onset we believed that if we make a difference in the life of a child, we will impact generations to come.  Founded by Ryan and DJ Ikeler in 2013 in Pontiac, the Center for Success committed to empowering youth and families to live successful lives.

Initially, programs were held in our Pontiac location 3 days each week, serving 20 students each evening. Over 6 years, Center for Success has expanded to include a Network which currently includes 7 locations serving nearly 350 students 4 days each week, and has established a complete summer program. A full literacy support program has been designed to ensure the educational careers of our students are impacted positively. More than 200 committed mentors are trained and engaged in weekly sessions to deliver individualized lessons to each student. Each Center engages program partners to bring additional activities and projects that ignite our students to succeed.