East Side Youth Sports Foundation Board of Directors, Trustees & Consultants

President:    Brian Francis                                                       Trustee:                        John Herbert

Treasurer:    Tony Zoia                                                            Sports Consultant:       Don Jaeger

Secretary:    Paul Fayad                                                          Foundation Advisor:     Andrea Meyer

Trustee:       Frank Sorice                                                        Executive Director:       Lisa Francis

Trustee:       Jerome Anthony                                                  ESH Arena Manager:   David Kosmas

Original Founders

  • Tim Sullivan – local businessman, senior men’s league hockey league hockey player. Passed 2020.
  • Brian Francis – Local businessman, former president of the hockey association, senior men’s league hockey player.  Current President of the Foundation and the BHC.
  • Paul Fayad – Local Businessman, Coach, senior men’s league hockey player.  Current Secretary of the Foundation.

Founders Mission

  • Save the ice rink from potential real-estate development.
  • Secure Ice hockey for the surrounding community for years to come.
  • Provide grants and scholarships for under privileged children to play sports. Hockey, in particular, was the last sport that was struggling to crossing racial barriers.
  • Provide a bridge through sports between the Grosse Pointe, SCS and Detroit communities.

“Children who play sports together develop friendships for life and with that we can change how we view each other in all areas of life.”